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Demonstration Calendars: CalendarStar™ is the most versatile, easy-to-use web-based calendar available today. The following links are to fictitious "mock-up" calendars that were developed specifically to show the wide capabilities of CalendarStar™.
  A Large Busy Church 
  Calendar Demo with SignupStar 
  Classes for a Retailer 

Public Service Calendars: Star-Tech makes these copies of CalendarStar™ available as a public service. If your organization has an event you would like to post to one of these calendars, please click here.
  Atlanta Networking Calendar 

Customer Calendars: Below you will find a selected sample of customer copies of CalendarStar™. All are in current use, and are linked into active websites. Each of these groups have found a whole new way to organize their organizations.
  Clayton County Water Authority Public Buildings 
  The Historic Marietta Trolley Company 
  John Knox Presbyterian Church, Marietta, GA 
  Kennesaw Mountain High School 
  Roswell Presbyterian Church 
  Smyrna First UMC 
  StepItUp Fitness Bootcamps 
  St David's Episcopal Church, Roswell, Georgia 

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